Cwtch Poced

Cwtch Poced

"Anyone can cuddle, but only the Welsh can cwtch."


Rydych chi wedi clywed am "pocket hugs" ond beth am "cwtch poced"?
Mae'r cwtches poced 'ma ar gael yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg.
Ffordd hyfryd o godi calon dy deulu a ffrindiau yn ystod y lockdown

Os oes angen mwy na 10 o'r cwtches, cysylltwch â ni ar i drafod prisiau.

Plîs sicrhewch fod y sillafu yn gywir yn y bocsys To a From

You've heard of pocket hugs, but how about pocket cwtches?
These pocket cwtches are available in Welsh and English.
A lovely way to cheer up the loved ones that you’re missing in lockdown!


If larger quantities than 10 are required please get in touch on to discuss prices.


Please ensure all spelling is correct in the To and From fields.

    PriceFrom £2.00