I'm Kayleigh, and I'm the one woman band behind With Love From!

The main thing I pride myself on is keeping my business personal, so what better way to do that than tell you a little about my small business?

It all started in 2016 when I made myself some baubles in memory of my grandparents. I was so pleased with them so I posted a photo of my makes on Facebook. From there I received a couple of messages from my Facebook friends asking if I could make them to sell. The interest in the baubles kept growing and growing until I ended up investing in some equipment not even a month later, and so With Love From was born! Between 2016-2019 I would sell baubles from October until December when I would close my books for another year, but in 2019 I got married and during all the wedding planning I realised how handy my equipment was to bring a lot of my ideas to life, and so I started planning what else With Love From could start stocking, and I invested in some more equipment.

As of 2020 I expanded into other personalised gifts, including a Christmas range a wedding range and printed photo gifts, with plans to keep expanding in the future!

With Love From stopped being a hobby and became my passion, and though I have started small, I am definitely dreaming big!

Thank you for browsing and shopping with me, you make me so happy!

With Love From